Paris: du vin, du pain et … de l’art. Exhibitions Kiefer – Rodin, Shiota, and Baselitz. Impressive!

I had a really nice long weekend in Paris. The weather was fantastic, so were the exhibitions I visited. New paintings from Georg Baselitz in Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac: fabulous! Shiota in Gallerie Templon: magnificent! Kiefer in Musée Rodin: good. Because images say more then words, the summary of a few days Paris in “a few” ;-) pictures. With some explanation.

Kiefer – Rodin in Musée Rodin

Kiefer at Musée RodinThis year, in France, they’re remembering the 100th anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s dead. Therefore there’s a large Rodin exhibition in Le Grand Palais. Musée Rodin themselves, invited Anselm Kiefer to work around “Les cathédrales de France”, a book Rodin has published 100 years ago. Since we’re Kiefer fans, and because Musée Rodin has been on our wish list for a long time, an exhibition not to be missed.

Exhibition Kiefer at Musée Rodin
But to be honest, I didn’t like Kiefer’s ‘watercolor books’. Luckily his monumental works were awesome as always.

At the Rodin museum some central pieces were missing, as expected. Therefor more plaster, less marble. Or more Rodin and less works of students, as you wish (the marbles were often made by others). Still, it’s stunning work. I was also very happy to see this beauties by Camille Claudelle. It’s a bit (read: a lot) a shame that the display cabinets show so much reflection.

Camille Claudel - Les causeuses, onyx and bronze, 1897 Camille Claudel - onyx and bronze

Exhibition Kiefer-Rodin, until October 22,
Musée Rodin, Paris

Chiharu Shiota in Galerie Templon

Chiharu Shiota in Galerie Templon Paris - Destination

Chiharu Shiota in Galerie Templon Paris

Chiharu Shiota in Galerie Templon Paris - Destination

I discovered this exposition on Instagram, and I really had to see it with my own eyes. And it’s just as enchanting in real life than in pictures. Absolutely love it!
”Destination” Chiharu Shiota, until July 22 in Galerie Daniel Templon Paris.

Georg Baselitz in Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Galerie Ropac Paris PantinThe weird thing about artists who were already a legend 25 years ago, is that you don’t realize they still can be around here. I’m ashamed to say that I wasn’t aware that Georg Baselitz is still amongst us. He’s not only alive, moreover, he’s still kicking ass!  Galerie Ropac Paris Pantin is big. Very big. And it’s completely filled with recent works of the now 79-years old artist. And it’s good work. Really good work. Impressive good work. Respect!

Exhibition Baseltiz in Galerie Ropac Paris Pantin

Exhibition Baseltiz in Galerie Ropac

Georg Baseltiz in Galerie Ropac Paris Pantin

New paintings from Georg Baselitz in Galerie Ropac

My favourite painting of Georg Baselitz in Galerie Ropac

The gallery is located a bit outside of the Paris center. If you take the metro at Place d’Italie, it’s a 25 minutes drive. After that you’ll have to walk for 10 minutes according to the gallery’s website, but that’s for trained people I guess. We walked, at 32°C outside, about 20 minutes. But it was ab-so-lu-tely worth it. A must see!

Georg Baselitz, ‘Descente’, until July 1 in Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Pantain

What about the “du vin” and the “du pain”?

Well, I just consumed those things, on the banks of the Seine. There are pictures from that as well, but you’re not allowed to see those ;-).


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