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WARP Expo PLUSSING – in situ installation Charbon de Beringen

At WARP in Sint-Niklaas ( ) they love to challenge artists. For the group exhibition PLUSSING, they came up with a major challenge for me personally. Would I like to ‘come and do something’ on the walls, at their location? Make an in situ work? They asked to visualize my working method and artistic research alongside my coal paintings.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been living with them (they have a nice studio for Artist Residencies), and my inspiration and installation grew day by day. In the pictures below you can see the start of the first day. I’ll finish it this week.

I would like to invite you to come and discover this installation.
The official opening is Saturday 13 January at 2 pm.
Please send an email to, or to me, if you can be present at that time.

The expo is open every weekend from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. until 11 September.
There is an extensive program of activities with summer bar, concerts, artist talks, … that you can discover on



Charbon de Beringen: the exhibition is open!

Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen

To be honest: the exhibition is open since more then a week, but I’m a bit late with my report. Maybe it’s still a habit of my Artist Residency latergrams ;-). No, seriously: It was a hell of a job, and I needed a break. It was lots of work, and I was full of nerves, despite all the preparations… but it was all worth it, once the people came in :-). I’m really happy with the amount of visitors, and with their comments. The reactions were more than heart-warming. I’m one happy lady now :).

An Vanderlinden op opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen
foto: Lambert Reynders

For now I’m only showing some photos of the opening. Photos of the exhibition itself? Well, come and see it for yourself :). You cannot a capture the effect of coalpaint on a computer or cell phone screen. You have to see it for yourself. Welcome!

opening expo Charbon de Beringen 11 februari 2019
Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen, Casino Beringen
Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen

(Pictures are small on purpose, for reasons of privacy. Do you recognize yourself and you don’t like it? Drop me a line, I’ll remove the pic.)

An Vanderlinden
Charbon de Beringen

feb 11 feb – march 3, 2019
CC Beringen, Kioskplein 25, B-3582 Beringen
Open: every day 14 – 17h
Closed on friday and saturday


PS: Yeah I know, I still have to finish my Artist Residency Report…


About black magic, and testing COAT: Artist Residency week 14

July 2, mo

Added the first black magic today ;-)

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/07/02

July 3, tue

… and added some more of my very black coalpaint

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/07/03

July 4, wed

“COAT” arrived today, a new product of Stuart Semple, said to be the mattest coating possible. Since Black 2.0 isn’t “bullet proof” (read : is comes off when you rub over it with a cloth, even a dry one ), I was hoping this would be the solution. I do make my coalpaint bullet proof, and therefore I didn’t use the blackest version of my coalpaint until now in my paintings, because I only wanted to use real durable paint. I hoped this product would be a plus. But no :-( it adds gloss to black 2.0, so my blackest coalpaint wont be protected either. I’m dissapointed.

Late in the evening, Stuart posted a video to say COAT isn’t matte enough to protect black 2, he forgot to mention that … yeah, so I noticed… too late. I’ll use this product for other things.
BUT I do think I really had the coolest place ever to test this product. test of Culture Hustles product COAT during Arist Residency in former coalmine 2018/07/04 tests Culture Hustles product COAT during Arist Residency 2018/07/04


July 6, fri

Sometimes you have to take a distance… and you discover you’re in the middle of a crossroad.

standing on a crossroad ...

July 7, sa

About yesterday… for those who wonder: that photo was taken from the stairs of the framehead behind me. That was completely safe, it was even under supervision :).

backsite large canvas in former coalpreparationhall

July 8, su

In meanwhile, I’ve added some more very black coalpaint…

CDB5 in progress 2018/07/08

Round up Artist Residency week 14

This week I added the mysterious darkness of the coal washing plant. Everything is still evolving as desired :)


Layers, lots of layers brown coalpaint: Artist Residency week 13

June 26, tue

Underlay: check. Composition outlined: check. Blue tape: check mark ;-). I would like to say that I am on schedule, but that would be a lie: I had an appointment to work here for 3 months… That means that this painting should be ready in 4 days …. completely impossible. Fortunately, those lovely people here gave me a month extension :-). Once again: thank you so much!

anv cdb5 in progress 2018/06/26

June 27, wed

Playing hide and seek for the visitors again :-)

anv painting cdb5 in progress 2018/06/26

June 28, thu

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/27

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/28


June 29, fri

I make lots of coalpaint these days. Mostly I talk about my black coal paint (which is more black then any paint you can buy), but I absolutely love my brown version too. To make my brown coalpaint, I use a different type of coal, also found in this coal preparation plant of Beringen. It’s smaller (called “fijnkool” or “stofkool” in flemish). After turning it into pigment, I use a different diffuser to make pigment paste of it, and I mix it with different acryl binders then I use for my black coalpaint. I make it more glossy, and transparent. The more thin layers I put on each other on my canvas, the deeper the brown gets.

coalpaint An Vanderlinden

June 30, sa

Yep, it’s still going according to plan :-)

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/28 - end of the day


Round up Artist Residency week 13

It all went well this week. The painting I have in my head, becomes visible on canvas.


New canvas, new location: another new beginning: Artist Residency week 12

June 20, wed

The previous days I finished my big painting, “Charbon de Beringen 4”. You can see the final version of that painting from february 10 – march 3 in my solo expo “Charbon de Beringen” in Cultuurcentrum Casino Beringen, Belgium.
Tomorrow I’ll start my third and last big painting here, on again another spot of this marvelous building :-).

June 21, thu

Installed :-) I’ve been moving forward and backward all day to find the perfect spot in all light circumstances. This one is fine. I only have a some sunlight at lunch time :)

Empty canvas, fresh start - final piece of my Artist Residency

June 22, fri

May I present to you: the subject of my last big painting :). The coal washing plant, and this cabin. This means I’m back “in the open’, in the visitors area. But this time I’m not afraid of them. I’m used to the environment now, and I’m no longer searching, I know what I’m doing on my canvas, I have a plan that I can explain. A whole different feeling then when I started here, almost 3 months ago.

June 24, su

I have to watch my steps on this location… so no more walking backwards :)


Round up Artist Residency week 12

A new canvas on yet another location: because you cannot move forward while you stay in the same place ;-).


When results exceeds expectations: Artist Residency week 11

June 11, mo

The glue had some time to dry, so today I started to brush away the excess coal, and put my studio easel back upright.
It looks like it’s going to be all right :) That’s the feeling I needed, after spending some hours in the hospital because of, again, a new outbreak of my eye infection. Seeing this really cheers me up.

painting - workin in progress by An Vanderlinden

June 12, tue

Puzzling with coal, day 5. I filled up the last ‘upper compartment’ and experimented with different variations & sizes of coal to fill up the lower compartments.

puzzling with coal day 5 ;-)

coal tests An Vanderlinden

June 13, wed

Puzzling with coal, day 6: almost there. The first lower compartments now fill up the gap between the stairway and heaven ;-).

"charbon de beringen 4" painting in progress

June 14, wed

Now it’s time to brighten it up: I’ve been dusting off my canvas, and added more light to it.

adding more light to my painting - An Vanderlinden

June 15, fri

This afternoon I had to go to UZL again for my eye infection, but couldn’t resist to drive afterwards back to Beringen. And I couldn’t resist neither to take my brush and to add some more shiny strokes, even though I had clean clothes on :-).

Artist at work

June 17, su

My painting is almost ready, but I still have to do a lot of finishing touches. Today I glued some more coal on the edges of the cabin. And I enjoyed once again the space around me very, very, very much. How many times can I say over here that I really LOVE this building? I really do. :-)

unloading floor coal preparation plant of Beringen, Belgium. Temorary Art Studio of visual artist An Vanderlinden

seef coal preparation plant

Round up Artist Residency week 11

Sometimes you get more than what you hoped for. And it feels goooooood :-).


Stairway to heaven, and new, beautifull big coal to puzzle with: Artist Residency week 10

June 4, mo

I made a stairway to heaven today 😉. Detail work in progress. Needs to dry this night…

June 5, tue

Multitasking: inspecting my Stairway to Heaven while playing hide and seek for a group of visitors.
About my stairway: heaven is currently unattainable for me: I forgot the first step…

An V playing hide and seek for vistors in mining museum

June 5, tue

I spent a lot of time thinking & testing how to fill up my cabin. I want to make a transition from light to dark with coal.
I’ve tested different sizes of coal with different glues, but none of them to my satisfaction.
Then my be-MINE guardian angel walked by. I explaned what I was doing, and mentioned I could use bigger pieces of coal. “Oh, but we have too. I will come back later, then we will go get it.” :-)))

coal tests visual artist An Vanderlinden

June 6, wed

He did came back yesterday, took me to coal washery plant 4, and we collected a bunch of beautiful big pieces of coal 😊. Today I spent a lot of time trying to make slices as thin as possible. Not easy, but the result is very, very promising. Happy!

coal slices An Vanderlinden

June 7, thu

Puzzling with coal :-)

June 8, fri

Puzzling with coal, day 2. A patience work that, frankly, in the long run starts to work on my nerves. Fortunately I can beat some coal with a hammer for change ;-). I still need a lot of pieces.

An vVanderlinden art with coal

June 9, sa

Puzzling with coal, day 3.

AnV puzzling with coal on canvas

Today I also did some restauration works on my stairway, and I finally installed the first step.

Stairway to heaven is almost fixed :)

Round up Artist Residency week 10

I made a stairway to heaven and a guardian angel brought me to beautiful new material : speaking about a match made in heaven :-)

AnV background image