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“I am King” : groupshow in Herkenrode,may 19-21, 2023

Every year KunztHuiz organizes a great group exhibition in the Poortgebouw and the chapel on the Abbey site of Herkenrode, Hasselt.
This year, the curators also visited me to select work.
You only have a few days to come and admire the result, so mark the weekend of May 19-20-21 in your agenda!

Participating artists:
An Vanderlinden, Barbara Vandendriessche, Ben Nys, Bisser, Christine Morren, Christine Vanhove, Daniël Op de Beeck, Dany Tulkens, Eddie Symkens, Gea van Eck, Hazel Vrielinck, Hilde Van de Walle, Irene Goethuys, Jef Bertels, Koenraad Tinel, Linda Blokken, Lut Moens, Maarten Ceulemans, Marie Louise Elshout, Marleen Verheyen, Melissa Muys, Mieke Vanden Eynde, Mireille Robbe, Monique De Ceulaer, Mothmeister, Piet Peere, Skawager, Souldigger, Stoffel Beyens, Tamara De Prest, vandeCamp&Heesterbeek, Walter Dermul, Zjeeke Polleunis.


YOC Palimpsest #3 – Lined Up

YOC, the initiative of Katrien Dessers to give chances to contemporary artists who are not yet affliated to a gallery, held an Open Call on instagram for artworks of the exact height of 40 cm.  There were a whopping 533 applications. I am therefore very happy that my submission is 1 of the selected works, which will be shown in the ‘LINED UP’ part of the new YOC expo Palimpsest #3 from Sunday july 10 until August 1. Welcome!


Expo news: Art Luxembourg september 17>19

Art Luxembourg 09/2021

Finally a previously postponed art event that actually will take place now (I think…)
From September 17 to 19, you can discover my new paintings at the Art Luxembourg art fair (LU). I will be represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery from Madrid (ES), and will also be present myself.

Luxexpo THE BOX,
10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, L-1347 Luxembourg, Luxembourg,
Friday : 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday : 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday : 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

info :


Charbon de Beringen² : Show and Open Studio

Oh ooooh, time flies. I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t take the time to sit down and write a blog post.
But please be welcome on my solo show an Open Studio in a really unique location

Solo show in the “winding house” (Dubbel Ophaalgebouw)
At the occasion of the memorial of the 30 years closure of the
coal mine of Beringen, you will be able to see An’s paintings in
the unique environment of the “double winding house” at
be-MINE. This part of historical patrimony, now open for visitors,
is located between the two shaft towers of Beringen’s
coal mine site

Open studio
During the show An V. is housing her studio in this building.
She is working on new paintings, inspired by its environment.
A unique opportunity to have a look behind artist’s studio
walls. And to see how the coal left on the conveyor belts of the
coal mine is getting a new destiny. A destiny with the same
brightness as the light reflected by the coal.

The exposition is open
October 6 to 27, 2019
on wed, sat & sun 2 – 5 p.m. and by appointment

Artist talk: Thursday, October 17 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Only by reservation. Admission: € 8

Nocturne: Friday, October 25 from 6 to 10 p.m. Free access

The ‘Double winding house” (Dubbel Ophaalgebouw) is located
at be-MINE between the 2 shaft towers, behind the power plant
Address: be-MINE, Koolmijnlaan 201, 3582 Beringen

Download the invitation


Sorry, you don’t have one of my paintings

It happens almost twice a year: a mail in my inbox that says “I have one of your paintings”. Mostly the writer wants to know what it’s worth… ouch. That kind of mail, is never about a painting, but about a reproduction. In 2006, Aldi Belgium sold numbered en signed reproductions of 2 of my paintings, M3 and D11. I spent a whole week signing these things.

Reproductions are good quality photo prints, not paintings. My original paintings are oil on canvas, and I still have them myself.

photo of the reproductions nexts to the original paintings -

I dived into my archive looking for pictures from that time. Here’s one from the day the repro’s where delivered. My arm hurts spontaneously by seeing these piles.

stapel reproducties in 2006 -

To answer the most common question: that print is not worth much. But it’s not too late to buy one of my real paintings :-).


Testing testing one, two, square root, to the power 3

foto bereking verfontwikkeling, met rekenmachine, in het atelier van AnV.beI admit, I’m exaggerating, it’s not THAT difficult. Happily. But the mathematics I need these days is more then I can bear.
Mathematics. And Chemistry. Oooooh how I hated these words in high school! Then again: I hated high school, period.
I wanted to go to the Art school, but had to finish my ‘regular’ high school first. ‘Because if you change your mind later on, you’ll still be able to go to university” my caring parents said.

I don’t like science. I love mystery, and fantasizing. I don’t have to know how everything works, I like to be surprised and happy that something does work. What fun do you have seeing a magic trick, if somebody told you before how it works?

anv_paint_tests-bWell, that was my world in high school. Now that I’m making my own paint, to my surprise and disguise, I need Chemistry as well as Mathematics. But I wasn’t good in both. I studied Modern Languages because of that (and because I thought that was the only skill I could use later on in life). But now: how can I make a 40% solution, out of the leftovers from a 50% solution? I had no idea. And I didn’t want to start from scratch again because that means I have to spoil some material. Of course it wasn’t the most logical solution, and I didn’t had any clue how to find the correct one.

Then it crossed my mind: oh, wait a minute… Dee (my husband), studied, uhm, chemistry. And he “bragged” on a family party lately, how good he used to be in mathematics in high school. (He has a completely different career now). So: Dee, help!?

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BAD 2018 in ICC Gent

Yves Velter on BAD2018

BAD what? Honestly, I never heard about BAD before last week. BAD is a Belgium Art and Design fair in Gent. And a good one. I went to the preview last night, and came home happy. It was so good to see Yves Velter‘s work once again. I love it so much.

Galerie S&H De Buck op BAD2018Lots of interesting work, like these from Christina Mignolet, and Sven Verhaeghe for example, in the booth of Galerie S&H De Buck.

I also enjoyed the works of Els Vos. Oh well, it’s just to much to mention. You have to go and see for yourself. You can visit BAD2018 untill Sunday 11/02 18.30h. You can find all the info you need on their website.

Els Vos on BAD2018

AnV background image