When results exceeds expectations: Artist Residency week 11

June 11, mo

The glue had some time to dry, so today I started to brush away the excess coal, and put my studio easel back upright.
It looks like it’s going to be all right :) That’s the feeling I needed, after spending some hours in the hospital because of, again, a new outbreak of my eye infection. Seeing this really cheers me up.

painting - workin in progress by An Vanderlinden

June 12, tue

Puzzling with coal, day 5. I filled up the last ‘upper compartment’ and experimented with different variations & sizes of coal to fill up the lower compartments.

puzzling with coal day 5 ;-)

coal tests An Vanderlinden

June 13, wed

Puzzling with coal, day 6: almost there. The first lower compartments now fill up the gap between the stairway and heaven ;-).

"charbon de beringen 4" painting in progress

June 14, wed

Now it’s time to brighten it up: I’ve been dusting off my canvas, and added more light to it.

adding more light to my painting - An Vanderlinden

June 15, fri

This afternoon I had to go to UZL again for my eye infection, but couldn’t resist to drive afterwards back to Beringen. And I couldn’t resist neither to take my brush and to add some more shiny strokes, even though I had clean clothes on :-).

Artist at work

June 17, su

My painting is almost ready, but I still have to do a lot of finishing touches. Today I glued some more coal on the edges of the cabin. And I enjoyed once again the space around me very, very, very much. How many times can I say over here that I really LOVE this building? I really do. :-)

unloading floor coal preparation plant of Beringen, Belgium. Temorary Art Studio of visual artist An Vanderlinden

seef coal preparation plant

Round up Artist Residency week 11

Sometimes you get more than what you hoped for. And it feels goooooood :-).

AnV background image