New canvas, new location: another new beginning: Artist Residency week 12

June 20, wed

The previous days I finished my big painting, “Charbon de Beringen 4”. You can see the final version of that painting from february 10 – march 3 in my solo expo “Charbon de Beringen” in Cultuurcentrum Casino Beringen, Belgium.
Tomorrow I’ll start my third and last big painting here, on again another spot of this marvelous building :-).

June 21, thu

Installed :-) I’ve been moving forward and backward all day to find the perfect spot in all light circumstances. This one is fine. I only have a some sunlight at lunch time :)

Empty canvas, fresh start - final piece of my Artist Residency

June 22, fri

May I present to you: the subject of my last big painting :). The coal washing plant, and this cabin. This means I’m back “in the open’, in the visitors area. But this time I’m not afraid of them. I’m used to the environment now, and I’m no longer searching, I know what I’m doing on my canvas, I have a plan that I can explain. A whole different feeling then when I started here, almost 3 months ago.

June 24, su

I have to watch my steps on this location… so no more walking backwards :)


Round up Artist Residency week 12

A new canvas on yet another location: because you cannot move forward while you stay in the same place ;-).

AnV background image