Layers, lots of layers brown coalpaint: Artist Residency week 13

June 26, tue

Underlay: check. Composition outlined: check. Blue tape: check mark ;-). I would like to say that I am on schedule, but that would be a lie: I had an appointment to work here for 3 months… That means that this painting should be ready in 4 days …. completely impossible. Fortunately, those lovely people here gave me a month extension :-). Once again: thank you so much!

anv cdb5 in progress 2018/06/26

June 27, wed

Playing hide and seek for the visitors again :-)

anv painting cdb5 in progress 2018/06/26

June 28, thu

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/27

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/28


June 29, fri

I make lots of coalpaint these days. Mostly I talk about my black coal paint (which is more black then any paint you can buy), but I absolutely love my brown version too. To make my brown coalpaint, I use a different type of coal, also found in this coal preparation plant of Beringen. It’s smaller (called “fijnkool” or “stofkool” in flemish). After turning it into pigment, I use a different diffuser to make pigment paste of it, and I mix it with different acryl binders then I use for my black coalpaint. I make it more glossy, and transparent. The more thin layers I put on each other on my canvas, the deeper the brown gets.

coalpaint An Vanderlinden

June 30, sa

Yep, it’s still going according to plan :-)

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/06/28 - end of the day


Round up Artist Residency week 13

It all went well this week. The painting I have in my head, becomes visible on canvas.

AnV background image