Studio pet, expo and black paint: Artist Residency week 9

May 28, mo

Look, here’s one of my studio pets ;-)

Last inspection of the day, before going home.
I think my door is OK now.

May 29, tue ( #latergram )

Today I have to install my ceramic work in De Kantfabriek in Ninove for an expo, so no old coal-, but an old lace factory today. My ceramic work is about Saint Barbara, the miners patron saint. So I do have some coal with me ­čśŐ.

May 31, thu

I ordered, again, another kind of acrylic binder. I just can’t resist any binder. It was delivered this morning, so enjoyed myself today by testing it. The results are awesome! As black as my previous blackest black paint (which is absolutely not the same as the blackest black, for the record ;-)), but with much less effort. Me like, a lot! :-)

Black coal paint developed by An Vanderlinden

June 1, fri

The crossing roads that I see in here everywhere, have found their way in to my painting today.

June 3, su

I was too obsessed with the stairs in my head. There just must and will be a stairway, but I did not get the shape and the place of it right. So I came to work on Sunday. I kept drawing and wiping again until I finally managed to get him in place. I painted it very lighty now, so tomorrow I can glue coal on it.

AnV background image