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Charbon de Beringen: the exhibition is open!

Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen

To be honest: the exhibition is open since more then a week, but I’m a bit late with my report. Maybe it’s still a habit of my Artist Residency latergrams ;-). No, seriously: It was a hell of a job, and I needed a break. It was lots of work, and I was full of nerves, despite all the preparations… but it was all worth it, once the people came in :-). I’m really happy with the amount of visitors, and with their comments. The reactions were more than heart-warming. I’m one happy lady now :).

An Vanderlinden op opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen
foto: Lambert Reynders

For now I’m only showing some photos of the opening. Photos of the exhibition itself? Well, come and see it for yourself :). You cannot a capture the effect of coalpaint on a computer or cell phone screen. You have to see it for yourself. Welcome!

opening expo Charbon de Beringen 11 februari 2019
Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen, Casino Beringen
Opening tentoonstelling Charbon de Beringen

(Pictures are small on purpose, for reasons of privacy. Do you recognize yourself and you don’t like it? Drop me a line, I’ll remove the pic.)

An Vanderlinden
Charbon de Beringen

feb 11 feb – march 3, 2019
CC Beringen, Kioskplein 25, B-3582 Beringen
Open: every day 14 – 17h
Closed on friday and saturday


PS: Yeah I know, I still have to finish my Artist Residency Report…


About black magic, and testing COAT: Artist Residency week 14

July 2, mo

Added the first black magic today ;-)

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/07/02

July 3, tue

… and added some more of my very black coalpaint

AnV painting CDB5 in progress 2018/07/03

July 4, wed

“COAT” arrived today, a new product of Stuart Semple, said to be the mattest coating possible. Since Black 2.0 isn’t “bullet proof” (read : is comes off when you rub over it with a cloth, even a dry one ), I was hoping this would be the solution. I do make my coalpaint bullet proof, and therefore I didn’t use the blackest version of my coalpaint until now in my paintings, because I only wanted to use real durable paint. I hoped this product would be a plus. But no :-( it adds gloss to black 2.0, so my blackest coalpaint wont be protected either. I’m dissapointed.

Late in the evening, Stuart posted a video to say COAT isn’t matte enough to protect black 2, he forgot to mention that … yeah, so I noticed… too late. I’ll use this product for other things.
BUT I do think I really had the coolest place ever to test this product. test of Culture Hustles product COAT during Arist Residency in former coalmine 2018/07/04 tests Culture Hustles product COAT during Arist Residency 2018/07/04


July 6, fri

Sometimes you have to take a distance… and you discover you’re in the middle of a crossroad.

standing on a crossroad ...

July 7, sa

About yesterday… for those who wonder: that photo was taken from the stairs of the framehead behind me. That was completely safe, it was even under supervision :).

backsite large canvas in former coalpreparationhall

July 8, su

In meanwhile, I’ve added some more very black coalpaint…

CDB5 in progress 2018/07/08

Round up Artist Residency week 14

This week I added the mysterious darkness of the coal washing plant. Everything is still evolving as desired :)


Studio pet, expo and black paint: Artist Residency week 9

May 28, mo

Look, here’s one of my studio pets ;-)

Last inspection of the day, before going home.
I think my door is OK now.

May 29, tue ( #latergram )

Today I have to install my ceramic work in De Kantfabriek in Ninove for an expo, so no old coal-, but an old lace factory today. My ceramic work is about Saint Barbara, the miners patron saint. So I do have some coal with me 😊.

May 31, thu

I ordered, again, another kind of acrylic binder. I just can’t resist any binder. It was delivered this morning, so enjoyed myself today by testing it. The results are awesome! As black as my previous blackest black paint (which is absolutely not the same as the blackest black, for the record ;-)), but with much less effort. Me like, a lot! :-)

Black coal paint developed by An Vanderlinden

June 1, fri

The crossing roads that I see in here everywhere, have found their way in to my painting today.

June 3, su

I was too obsessed with the stairs in my head. There just must and will be a stairway, but I did not get the shape and the place of it right. So I came to work on Sunday. I kept drawing and wiping again until I finally managed to get him in place. I painted it very lighty now, so tomorrow I can glue coal on it.


Every ending is a new beginning: Artist Residency week 8

May 20, su

After a lot of ‘final’ touches, my first real large painting is ready. A new blank canvas is waiting to be touched…

Canvasses AnV

May 21, mo

This little perfectionist wasn’t completely satisfied this morning, so I did again some final touches. BUT I also started the under layer of my next canvas 😊. I’m still in doubt where I am going to paint it.

AnV working on the last details of her painting CDB3 in be-MINE
termporary workspace visual artist An Vanderlinden

May 22, tue

Today I’ve been walking around a lot in this building, with a sketch book in my hand. Trying to decide what will be my next painting, and, also very important, where I’m going to make it. Staying where I am right now is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do. But I am not here to take the easy road.
So from tomorrow on, I’ll be painting on the other side of the headframe. The underlayer on my canvas is ready. I am ready to move. Onwards!

May 23, wed

Tadaaa, here I am, on my new location. The other side of the elevator.

An Vanderlinden painting at location in be-MINE Beringen

May 24, thu

Look how magnificent this place is! I sooooo love this building. It’s such a privilege to be here.

May 24, thu

Sometimes you just have to sit back… and think about the next steps to take.

May 25, fri

Just another day at the office ;-) #artistlife

May 25, fri

What do you do when you need 3 hands but only have 2? This is my solution.
Every time my hairdresser asks how much he can cut off my hair, I answer that I still have to make a ponytail. Now you know why.

May 26, sa

This painting, Charbon de Beringen 4, is going well. But I still haven’t finished the second painting I started here. Today I tried again to finish it…. But I’m still not satisfied.

cdb4 2018-05-25 Anv


Finally everything goes according to plan: Artist Residency week 6

May 6, su

I’ve been looking at this sign for a while. As you can see the arrow goes up, but the text says “go down to the underground” Funny

bord met pijl naar de ondergrond

May 8, tue

Behind me there’s this window. It closes the gap where there used to be a bridge to the other side (photo2).
The other side, that’s coal washery plant 4. It’s going to be renovated, if I’m informed well. The bridge itself will also come back to life, in the new mining museum be-MINE PIT. I am already very curious how that will be.

Now you can see where the window is located. I’m feeling small again in all this space around me

May 9, wed

As an independent I have no income at this moment. I was hoping to receive subsidy for what I’m doing here, but I got the news today that my request was denied. I’m disappointed, not only for the lack of money, also for the lack of trust. It wasn’t a very productive day. I started doubting about myself again. Sometimes life is a bitch.

schilderij An Vanderlinden in opbouw

May 10, thu

Let’s protect the world upstairs :) It’s time to add more structure.

May 11, fri

This was a good day. A very good day. For once it was quiet, the construction workers are not here today because of the national holiday (Ascension Day). The sun was shining, and I worked well. And fast. But not as fast as in this video :-D. Now that I see myself in x16 speed, I finally understand why my neck hurts :).

May 12, sa

Layer by layer it’s getting darker. Just how I like it :)

ANV schilderij in opbouw cdb3 2018-05-11 13u be-mine


Roundup Artist Residency week 6

Everything (except the finances) went well this week. Happy!


About letting go of fear and moving out: this was my Artist Residency week 4

April 23, mo

Today I ‘ve let go of fear, and I simply painted. Man it felt great! I kept it modest and not worked opaque, but still, I feel that I have finally painted again, phew!

An Vnderlinden schilderij in opbouw tijdens Artist Residency week 4

April 24, tue

I have worked really well today. My first large painting is “restored”. I had messed it up yesterday, it’s OK now. It is a lot darker now, finally! Almost finished.
Charbon de Beringen, An Vanderlinden

Today I have also (finally) really taken care of the 3 small paintings that I am working on. I hope it is dry enough tomorrow, it looks promising.
3 kleine schilderijtjes in opbouw tijdens An V's Artist Residency week 4

April 25, wed

The next days, a film crew will be shooting a soap at this location. I promised them to pack my things. I had not really thought about how to move that carpet … :-D :-D
Once at home I still had the feeling that I was eating dust. I’ve put all my clothes directly in the washing machine, and myself in the shower for an hour.

April 26, thu

So this is my home for a few days. As I expected, I’m feeling comfortable inside my “paint office”. Look, I even have a nice carpet in here :-D.

The film crew of the Flemish television soap “Familie” is working nearby. To be honest: I never saw even one episode, so I don’t have any clue who the f**ck “NIKO” is, and why somebody is desperately screaming to find him. I do know they had to shoot that particular scene many, many, many times 😜
I looked it up yesterday: it was on view the first week of september.

April 27, fri

A very nice side-effect of that film crew being here, is that be-MINE removed the fences halfway the unloading floor. The alarm is still on so I can’t go any further then usually, but the view is so much nicer. I’ve already taken lots of pictures today, and I guess I will take some more :). Soooo beautiful.

And have a look how everything changes when the evening light kicks in. I’m so in love with this building

Losvloer kolenswasserij Beringen, april 2018, foto An Vanderlinden

Losvloer kolenswasserij Beringen, april 2018, avond, foto An Vanderlinden

April 28, sa

The evening light was also outside very beautiful yesterday :-). I went for a walk on the slagheap after work.

Schachtbok Beringen in avondlicht, foto: An Vanderlinden


Roundup Artist Residency Week 4

In the end: the relief :). My first big painting is finally finished. Finally! The second is completely different but that was mentally necessary. That one is not finished yet. Also worked on the 3 small paintings. Productive week eventually.

Lijm gesmeerd en steenkool gestrooid op mijn doek tijdens Artist Residency week 4

Schilderij "charbon de beringen 1" An Vanderlinden


Unwanted visitors. Even twice. Artist Residency week 3.

April 17, tue

For the first time sunshine in the evening: this light is mesmerizing. I see things I never saw before. Suddenly colors appear in the back of the building, gorgeous! I really love this light.

 losvloer be-mine

April 18, wed

Wonderful weather today. Sun and warm. Too much sun, unfortunately. The unloading floor is very nice, but it is difficult to work where I stand, I have to install me differently tomorrow. A lot of messing around today because the sun was making a difference on my canvas. But I amused myself, so blissfully without cold!

April 19, thu

Finally spring! Or will I call it summer? It is sunny, 28 ° (!) , and there is a blissful warm breeze. I had my lunch outside outside on the slag heap :).

anv terril zicht op be-MINEANV 20180419 terril Beringen

April 20, fri : unwanted visitors

I was terrified last night! Normally I have to stop working at 6 pm because from then on, I am alone on the site, the offices and the mining museum are closed. If I want to stay a little longer, I have to inform the people of be-MINE. Yesterday I did so for the very first time, I told them I would like to stay until 8 pm.
A quarter before 8, I just started packing my things, the alarm goes off. That means that there are burglars in the building. I heard stories about both copper thieves and urban explorers. From the first category I am afraid. I feel a lump in my throat from fear. What should I do? They may also think that I caused the alarm myself by entering an area where I’m not allowed to.

I send a text message: “The alarm goes off. It is not me who’s causing it, but I am still in the building.” A little while later the alarm stops, and I get a phone call: “I am looking at the camera images right now. I see people. They are just teens, 2 girls and a boy. I think the alarm scared them off, they’re probably running away.” Almost at the same time I hear outside a girl screaming “the alarm goes off!”

Thought to go for a swim, but only felt like a drink afterwards.

ANV 2018 04 19 losvloer be-MINE

April 20, fri

I brushed my painting clean this morning. Yesterday I scattered unsieved coal on a layer of glue, by there is not much left of it. Mostly dust actually. It was not my intention that the surface would be full of grains, but I had expected more of it. No problem, so I learn again.
anv steenkool borstelen

April 21, sa : unwanted visitors, again.

Highlight of the day (NOT): Unwanted visitors, again. This time it was a group of elderly people. One of them wanted to know if it’s Art that I am creating. I tend to ignore his question, but he really needs an answer. He asks a second time: “Is this art?” His wife, embarrassed, smiles an apology to me, and says to him: “of course it is. Mondriaan, that’s also with a lot of squares, and that’s also art.”
But the man isn’t satisfied as long as he doesn’t get an answer straight from me. “Is this art?”, he asks me for the third time. So I answer: “Yes sir, this is Art.” That’s the answer he waited for. His most disapproving gaze is my part.
“But that doesn’t mean that you have to like it.” I add, while I turn my back.
I know I shouldn’t care, but I feel like crying.

anv taking distance flat work 2018 04 20

Round up Artist Residency week 3:

I’ve worked extensively. Painted many thin layers. Still not good. I’m getting frustrated. I’ve painted during many hours the last 3 weeks, and there’s still not one painting OK.
Conclusion: I do it the wrong way. It is too complicated.
I have to try to get everything in balance. I’m thinking way too much now. I want to “just” paint, amuse myself, have fun doing it. But I’m afraid.

Schilderij CDB1 in progress, An Vanderlinden

AnV background image