Every ending is a new beginning: Artist Residency week 8

May 20, su

After a lot of ‘final’ touches, my first real large painting is ready. A new blank canvas is waiting to be touched…

Canvasses AnV

May 21, mo

This little perfectionist wasn’t completely satisfied this morning, so I did again some final touches. BUT I also started the under layer of my next canvas 😊. I’m still in doubt where I am going to paint it.

AnV working on the last details of her painting CDB3 in be-MINE
termporary workspace visual artist An Vanderlinden

May 22, tue

Today I’ve been walking around a lot in this building, with a sketch book in my hand. Trying to decide what will be my next painting, and, also very important, where I’m going to make it. Staying where I am right now is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do. But I am not here to take the easy road.
So from tomorrow on, I’ll be painting on the other side of the headframe. The underlayer on my canvas is ready. I am ready to move. Onwards!

May 23, wed

Tadaaa, here I am, on my new location. The other side of the elevator.

An Vanderlinden painting at location in be-MINE Beringen

May 24, thu

Look how magnificent this place is! I sooooo love this building. It’s such a privilege to be here.

May 24, thu

Sometimes you just have to sit back… and think about the next steps to take.

May 25, fri

Just another day at the office ;-) #artistlife

May 25, fri

What do you do when you need 3 hands but only have 2? This is my solution.
Every time my hairdresser asks how much he can cut off my hair, I answer that I still have to make a ponytail. Now you know why.

May 26, sa

This painting, Charbon de Beringen 4, is going well. But I still haven’t finished the second painting I started here. Today I tried again to finish it…. But I’m still not satisfied.

cdb4 2018-05-25 Anv

AnV background image