Every ending is a new beginning: Artist Residency week 8

May 20, su

After a lot of ‘final’ touches, my first real large painting is ready. A new blank canvas is waiting to be touched…

Canvasses AnV

May 21, mo

This little perfectionist wasn’t completely satisfied this morning, so I did again some final touches. BUT I also started the under layer of my next canvas šŸ˜Š. I’m still in doubt where I am going to paint it.

AnV working on the last details of her painting CDB3 in be-MINE
termporary workspace visual artist An Vanderlinden

May 22, tue

Today I’ve been walking around a lot in this building, with a sketch book in my hand. Trying to decide what will be my next painting, and, also very important, where I’m going to make it. Staying where I am right now is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do. But I am not here to take the easy road.
So from tomorrow on, I’ll be painting on the other side of the headframe. The underlayer on my canvas is ready. I am ready to move. Onwards!

May 23, wed

Tadaaa, here I am, on my new location. The other side of the elevator.

An Vanderlinden painting at location in be-MINE Beringen

May 24, thu

Look how magnificent this place is! I sooooo love this building. It’s such a privilege to be here.

May 24, thu

Sometimes you just have to sit backā€¦ and think about the next steps to take.

May 25, fri

Just another day at the office ;-) #artistlife

May 25, fri

What do you do when you need 3 hands but only have 2? This isĀ my solution.
Every time my hairdresser asks how much he can cut off my hair, I answer that I still have to make a ponytail. Now you know why.

May 26, sa

This painting, Charbon de Beringen 4, is going well. But I still haven’t finished the second painting I started here. Today I tried again to finish itā€¦. But I’m still not satisfied.

cdb4 2018-05-25 Anv

AnV background image