Beautiful exhibition in Brussels: Chun Kwang Young in Villa Empain

I discovered the art of Chun Kwang Young at Art Brussels this year. I liked it at lot. So when I learned about his solo expo in Villa Empain, a place I also fancied to visit, it was a no brainer: I had to go. Last week, I finally did.

Exposition Chun Kwang Young

Chun Kwang Young

detail artwork by Chun Kwang YoungWhat’s that!? Well, these are tiny triangular packets of hanji. Chun Kwang Young is from South Korea, and hanji is a paper using mulberry bark that has been produced in Korea since the ninth century for packaging, writing, printmaking, insulation, and to hold medicine (thank you exhibition guide ;-).
Damn the man must have a lot of patient, but the result is really beautiful!

Chun Kwang Young in Villa Empains basementArt by Chun Kwang Young

Villa Empain & exhibition Mondialité

Also very beautiful is the 1930’s villa itself, where you wander through while looking at the other exhibition, Mondialité.
It’s a very diverse group show, I appreciated especially the paintings of Wilfredo Lam and Walter Price. But I also won’t forget the people with an old dive helmet easily, nor the big pink book. And that butt-ugly silver curtain in the bedroom.

Villa Empain

Villa EmpainVilla Empain

Have I already mentioned that Villa Empain has a “little” swimming pool?

Pool Villa Empain

Sometimes they throw a party over there, on August 27 for example. “Entry may be limited” the website says. I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the case.
Info: Summer Party

Exhibitions Chun Kwang Young & Mondialité : until August 27
Villa Empain, Franklin Rooseveltlaan 67, 1050 Brussel
Info on the Villa Empain website.

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