About letting go of fear and moving out: this was my Artist Residency week 4

April 23, mo

Today I ‘ve let go of fear, and I simply painted. Man it felt great! I kept it modest and not worked opaque, but still, I feel that I have finally painted again, phew!

An Vnderlinden schilderij in opbouw tijdens Artist Residency week 4

April 24, tue

I have worked really well today. My first large painting is “restored”. I had messed it up yesterday, it’s OK now. It is a lot darker now, finally! Almost finished.
Charbon de Beringen, An Vanderlinden

Today I have also (finally) really taken care of the 3 small paintings that I am working on. I hope it is dry enough tomorrow, it looks promising.
3 kleine schilderijtjes in opbouw tijdens An V's Artist Residency week 4

April 25, wed

The next days, a film crew will be shooting a soap at this location. I promised them to pack my things. I had not really thought about how to move that carpet … :-D :-D
Once at home I still had the feeling that I was eating dust. I’ve put all my clothes directly in the washing machine, and myself in the shower for an hour.

April 26, thu

So this is my home for a few days. As I expected, I’m feeling comfortable inside my “paint office”. Look, I even have a nice carpet in here :-D.

The film crew of the Flemish television soap “Familie” is working nearby. To be honest: I never saw even one episode, so I don’t have any clue who the f**ck “NIKO” is, and why somebody is desperately screaming to find him. I do know they had to shoot that particular scene many, many, many times 😜
I looked it up yesterday: it was on view the first week of september.

April 27, fri

A very nice side-effect of that film crew being here, is that be-MINE removed the fences halfway the unloading floor. The alarm is still on so I can’t go any further then usually, but the view is so much nicer. I’ve already taken lots of pictures today, and I guess I will take some more :). Soooo beautiful.

And have a look how everything changes when the evening light kicks in. I’m so in love with this building

Losvloer kolenswasserij Beringen, april 2018, foto An Vanderlinden

Losvloer kolenswasserij Beringen, april 2018, avond, foto An Vanderlinden

April 28, sa

The evening light was also outside very beautiful yesterday :-). I went for a walk on the slagheap after work.

Schachtbok Beringen in avondlicht, foto: An Vanderlinden


Roundup Artist Residency Week 4

In the end: the relief :). My first big painting is finally finished. Finally! The second is completely different but that was mentally necessary. That one is not finished yet. Also worked on the 3 small paintings. Productive week eventually.

Lijm gesmeerd en steenkool gestrooid op mijn doek tijdens Artist Residency week 4

Schilderij "charbon de beringen 1" An Vanderlinden

AnV background image