Test results! Come and see. #ShareTheBlack

Tadaaa, here are the results of the tests I did with Stuart Semple’s Black v 1.0 (beta). It’s the most matt, black art material at this moment available for everyone (except for Anish Kapoor).

Blackest Black test – part 1

I started with the beginning (yep, sometimes I do make sense ;-): I mixed the paint. The delivered material consisted out of a box with powder and a bottle with liquid (base). The whole point of this black paint is that base, which is called “SuperBase”. And it IS a Super Base! It takes much more pigment then every other base I tried. But I’m not that thrilled about the delivered black pigment, so I searched for something better.

Blackest Black test – part 2

The black I created in my test part 1, is it really more black then regular paint you can buy in every art shop? And what about the light?
Black absorbs every light, so the most matte black should be the blackest black… no? But is shiny black not often a lot more dark then matte black?

Blackest Black test – part 3

I made a new painting, and waited for this black to arrive to give it his finishing touch. See how:


Is this the blackest black? Nope. Unfortunately. If it was the blackest black, light wouldn’t have any influence. So there’s still work to do. But that’s why Stuart Semple placed this product on the market in the first place: so that other artists can test it, and we can all together try to improve it.
So this was my contribution to #ShareTheBlack. Mission completed… for now.

PS: in case the movies don’t work on this page: you can view them directly on YouTube. Search there for, or follow this link.

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