Video: BLACK 2.0, mediums and coal on ceramic

I used BLACK 2.0 in combination with a few different mediums and coal on this ceramic artwork.
This video shows how dark Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0 is, and how shiny matte medium can be.
(And how my little camera desperately wants to make the black lighter.)

I did a lot of tests with my own coal paint & with Black 2.0 before I came to this result,
I hope to share those tests also one day. Time is not always on my side ;-))

Black 2.0 and Super Base are products from the British artist Stuart Semple, who made them as a reaction against the egoism of Anish Kapoor, who doesn’t want to share his black. Artists all over the world are trying to help him to get a better black for everyone (except for mr. Kapoor). I’m one of them.

AnV background image