Video 2: Blackest Black – Test PART 2 – #ShareTheBlack

Is Stuart Semple’s Super Base really more matte and flat then other acrylics?
And what about the light? Usually, a glossy black seems to be more ‘black’ then a matte one.
I certainly wanted to know ’cause I’m really searching for a very deep dark black. Like Vantablack, I guess
I’ll never know, unless Anish Kapoor is so friendly to give me some to paint with? #NeverStopDreaming #ShareTheBlack

These are tests I made with Stuart Semple’s Black Beta 1.0.
This is the mattest blackest art material at this moment available for every artist (except for Anish Kapoor).
More info about the material in Stuart Semple’s video:

AnV background image