News about An Vanderlinden


TV Limburg – 25/07/2018 :
TVL, the local TV station came to visit AnV during her Artist Residency in the former coalmine of Beringen. Video reportage in dutch : kunstenares maakt schilderijen in oude mijngebouwen Beringen

Internetgazet – 25/07/2018 (dutch): An Vanderlinden schildert met steenkool

Artist Residency in be-MINE

During 4 months, Vanderlinden painted in an old building that belonged to the former coalmine of Beringen, Belgium. She tells everything about it in delay, as from October 1. You can follow her adventures here.


Don’t forget to visit the “Mijnhappening” in Beringen on september 9th. Do visit the old buildings. Maybe you’ll discover a painting…