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Coal paint blacker than expected, busted, and walking backwards: Artist Residency week 7

May 13, su : coal dust

I’ve added some coaldust today to my painting…. And to myself :)
I’m happy with the coal dust cloud I now have on my painting

anv steenkoolstof op hand


May 14, mo evening

I’m not really confident in those pigeons over here… so for the night, I prefer to cover my painting. So my Manifesta 9 flags finally come in handy again. I participated in the Manifesta Parallel programme back in 2012. We had to buy the flags …

bescherming schilderij met Manifesta vlaggen

May 15, tue, morning

It looks so much lighter in the morning sun. I know what my painting needs… some real, real black paint. Let’s make some :-) I prepared black pigment paste for today.

AnV met staalkaarten steenkoolverf

May 15, tue, coalpaint

That’s more like it :-)
I love my coal paint

AnV schilderij CD3 in opbouw

May 15, tue, evening

Yep. This is definitely more like it! :-) :-)
This is the first time I made such a “large” amount of my black coal paint. And the first time I paint such a large surface with it. The result exceeds my expectations, I am very happy!

AnV werkend aan schilderij Charbon de Beringen 3

May 16, wed : busted :)

Every morning, I take a picture of this headframe. They are restoring it, and it seems nice to put the photos next to each other after a few months, to see the progression. This morning I saw there were people on top, ideal to show on photo how immense it is. So I take my camera, and take pictures. All of a sudden my phone rings. I’m picking up. “An, are you on the release floor right now?” Yes. “Are you taking photos?” Euhm, yes. “Then it’s okay. We’re standing on top of the headframe, and we saw someone taking pictures inside. If it’s you than it’s OK, we just wanted to be sure.”
I rarely felt so busted.

Schachtbok be-MINE in restauratie, 15 mei 2018

May 17, thu : when results exceeds expectations :-)

I attached my paint test strokes from last year on my painting.
Schilderij CDB3 met steenkoolverf staaltjes op

(photo 2) : The “light” black paint I used, is a gloss version of my blackest coal paint made from the local coal. The 4 test strokes attached to it, are (left to right, top down): Golden Matte Acrylics Carbon Black; Daler-Rowney System 3 Mars Black, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Ivory Black, and a gloss coal paint I made from bought anthracite coal.

glanzend zwarte staalkaartjes op schilderij van AnV

(photo 3) The matte black, my blackest black paint, has 3 test strokes on it: on the lower left: Culture Hustles Black 1.0, on the right: Black 2.0 . On top: my own blackest coal paint test stroke. But the coalpaint on that test stroke was only intended to make a black as dark as possible, it didn’t had to be a really useful paint at that moment. Now I made a durable black coal paint, that’s a whole different ratio pigment/binder. I really didn’t expected it to be as black as it is, it never was like this in my tests. So I am thrilled! I must have a real good batch of coal at this moment.

Mat zwarte staalkaartjes An Vanderlinden

Now, today, nov. 18, I’m waiting for Black 3.0 to arrive, it should be on his way to my studio. I’m really, really curious how black that paint will be.


May 18, fri : let the time go forward by going backwards: I can do that :-)

What do you do while waiting for the paint to be dry in orde to see the final colour of your paint?
In my case: walking backwards :-D. My physiotherapist told me I have to walk backwards every day for my back. I still suspect him of telling me to do so, only to make me look funny.



Finally everything goes according to plan: Artist Residency week 6

May 6, su

I’ve been looking at this sign for a while. As you can see the arrow goes up, but the text says “go down to the underground” Funny

bord met pijl naar de ondergrond

May 8, tue

Behind me there’s this window. It closes the gap where there used to be a bridge to the other side (photo2).
The other side, that’s coal washery plant 4. It’s going to be renovated, if I’m informed well. The bridge itself will also come back to life, in the new mining museum be-MINE PIT. I am already very curious how that will be.

Now you can see where the window is located. I’m feeling small again in all this space around me

May 9, wed

As an independent I have no income at this moment. I was hoping to receive subsidy for what I’m doing here, but I got the news today that my request was denied. I’m disappointed, not only for the lack of money, also for the lack of trust. It wasn’t a very productive day. I started doubting about myself again. Sometimes life is a bitch.

schilderij An Vanderlinden in opbouw

May 10, thu

Let’s protect the world upstairs :) It’s time to add more structure.

May 11, fri

This was a good day. A very good day. For once it was quiet, the construction workers are not here today because of the national holiday (Ascension Day). The sun was shining, and I worked well. And fast. But not as fast as in this video :-D. Now that I see myself in x16 speed, I finally understand why my neck hurts :).

May 12, sa

Layer by layer it’s getting darker. Just how I like it :)

ANV schilderij in opbouw cdb3 2018-05-11 13u be-mine


Roundup Artist Residency week 6

Everything (except the finances) went well this week. Happy!


Start of the largest painting I ever made, in a hidden corner of the coal preparation plant: Artist Residency week 5

April 31, mo

Today I can start my first “really big” painting. I never had the chance before to make such a large painting, but I wanted this for years. Happy! This one is 2m x 2m50.

I moved to the other side of the shaft tower. Over here the floor is flat, that’s good because now I can walk backwards without stumbling over the train rails.
The view is also (more then) suberb, and…. No one can see me 😁. I’m hidden now for all visitors, love it!

May 1, tue

People often ask: how do you start with a painting like this? Simple: I just take paint and a brush :-). And in this particular case: curse a bit in the inside because I made my paint a little bit too dark.


May 2, we

May, 6° C …. Damn cold! This is the first day that I actually took a break at noon to go the sauna. (There’s a swiming pool with sauna here in be-MINE).
My back hurts sooo much, it needed to warm up. Luckily the sun came through in the afternoon.

This is the fast forward version of today…

versus the slow truth

May 3, thu

Did I already mentioned that I’m working in a really HUGE building? 😉All of the sudden, that large canvas doesn’t seems to be so large at all.

Putting things in perspective seems to be today’s theme ;-)

May 4, fri

I worked late last night. It’s going well, I have a clear picture of this painting in my head.

Also today was a productive day :-)

Roundup Artist Residency Week 5

I finally started my first really big painting, and it goes well: I’m happy! The format suits me, and I am completely at ease in this new place. Nice :-)


The start of my Artist Residency: about a moving elevator and Easter eggs

Ingang be-MINE, 21 maart 2018Today, with a half-year delay, I begin to tell the story of my Artist Residency, as announced earlier. I made paintings with my coalpaint and coal, in a building of the former coal mine of Beringen, Belgium. Every week you can read a weekly report here.

April 1

My official residency period starts today, but it’s Easter … Not an ideal day to start, so as a good Belgian, I’m going to eat chocolate eggs with my parents.

But a lot has happened …
In the months that preceded, I ordered large canvases to paint on, and a moving elevator to get them on the spot. Especially the latter worried me. The place where I’ll work is located 16 meters above the ground. A big gate had to be opened to let them in. I was worried that something would go wrong, and that caused a lot of stress. I had my canvasses delivered a week earlier, so they would certainly be on time for the moving elevator …

March 21, wed

HOORAY! My canvases were delivered early this morning, and one is already in the right place! The moving elevator is no longer necessary. Peter wanted to try if they could not “just” enter the stairs. “Just”: 100 stairs and a number of difficult to take corners. But they succeeded: HOORAY!

March 27, tue

Today was the long expected moving day, but without moving elevator :-) That went smoothly, it was’t that much. In the opposite direction it will be more. My other canvasses were still in the collection building, Dee & Jan dragged them upstairs. We encountered a few visitor groups. It seems a good idea to put me out of their reach, behind the red / white ribbons next week.

levering linnen schildersdoeken door Artel





AnV background image