New paint tests of “new” coal = new project. Exciting!


It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. Reason: I’m too busy to sit in front of my computer. And when I do take some rest, sitting behind my computer is not exactly my idea of relaxation. In short: personal point of improvement ;-)

What I have done so far besides renovating our house during the weekends and days off, move twice, and clean up the incessant stream of rain that continues to pour in as long as the roofer doesn’t get here to do his job…
painting in my amazing new studio. And rushing outside every time the sun wants to shine for a moment, to wash, grind and sift coal.

I am testing “new” coal: coal from Eisden, the easternmost coal mine of Belgium. In preparation for a new project that is very exciting for me. I will hopefully tell you a lot more about it soon.

Update 17/11: o ooooh. I told the whole story on instagram, but I still have to add it here. On its way!

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