Stairway to heaven, and new, beautifull big coal to puzzle with: Artist Residency week 10

June 4, mo

I made a stairway to heaven today ­čśë. Detail work in progress. Needs to dry this night…

June 5, tue

Multitasking: inspecting my Stairway to Heaven while playing hide and seek for a group of visitors.
About my stairway: heaven is currently unattainable for me: I forgot the first stepÔÇŽ

An V playing hide and seek for vistors in mining museum

June 5, tue

I spent a lot of time thinking & testing how to fill up my cabin. I want to make a transition from light to dark with coal.
I’ve tested different sizes of coal with different glues, but none of them to my satisfaction.
Then my be-MINE guardian angel walked by. I explaned what I was doing, and mentioned I could use bigger pieces of coal. “Oh, but we have too. I will come back later, then we will go get it.” :-)))

coal tests visual artist An Vanderlinden

June 6, wed

He did came back yesterday, took me to coal washery plant 4, and we collected a bunch of beautiful big pieces of coal ­čśŐ. Today I spent a lot of time trying to make slices as thin as possible. Not easy, but the result is very, very promising. Happy!

coal slices An Vanderlinden

June 7, thu

Puzzling with coal :-)

June 8, fri

Puzzling with coal, day 2. A patience work that, frankly, in the long run starts to work on my nerves. Fortunately I can beat some coal with a hammer for change ;-). I still need a lot of pieces.

An vVanderlinden art with coal

June 9, sa

Puzzling with coal, day 3.

AnV puzzling with coal on canvas

Today I also did some restauration works on my stairway, and I finally installed the first step.

Stairway to heaven is almost fixed :)

Round up Artist Residency week 10

I made a stairway to heaven and a guardian angel brought me to beautiful new material : speaking about a match made in heaven :-)

AnV background image