Start of the largest painting I ever made, in a hidden corner of the coal preparation plant: Artist Residency week 5

April 31, mo

Today I can start my first “really big” painting. I never had the chance before to make such a large painting, but I wanted this for years. Happy! This one is 2m x 2m50.

I moved to the other side of the shaft tower. Over here the floor is flat, that’s good because now I can walk backwards without stumbling over the train rails.
The view is also (more then) suberb, and…. No one can see me ­čśü. I’m hidden now for all visitors, love it!

May 1, tue

People often ask: how do you start with a painting like this? Simple: I just take paint and a brush :-). And in this particular case: curse a bit in the inside because I made my paint a little bit too dark.


May 2, we

May, 6┬░ C ÔÇŽ. Damn cold! This is the first day that I actually took a break at noon to go the sauna. (There’s a swiming pool with sauna here in be-MINE).
My back hurts sooo much, it needed to warm up. Luckily the sun came through in the afternoon.

This is the fast forward version of todayÔÇŽ

versus the slow truth

May 3, thu

Did I already mentioned that I’m working in a really HUGE building? ­čśëAll of the sudden, that large canvas doesn’t seems to be so large at all.

Putting things in perspective seems to be today’s theme ;-)

May 4, fri

I worked late last night. It’s going well, I have a clear picture of this painting in my head.

Also today was a productive day :-)

Roundup Artist Residency Week 5

I finally started my first really big painting, and it goes well: I’m happy! The format suits me, and I am completely at ease in this new place. Nice :-)

AnV background image