Testing testing one, two, square root, to the power 3

foto bereking verfontwikkeling, met rekenmachine, in het atelier van AnV.beI admit, I’m exaggerating, it’s not THAT difficult. Happily. But the mathematics I need these days is more then I can bear.
Mathematics. And Chemistry. Oooooh how I hated these words in high school! Then again: I hated high school, period.
I wanted to go to the Art school, but had to finish my ‘regular’ high school first. ‘Because if you change your mind later on, you’ll still be able to go to university” my caring parents said.

I don’t like science. I love mystery, and fantasizing. I don’t have to know how everything works, I like to be surprised and happy that something does work. What fun do you have seeing a magic trick, if somebody told you before how it works?

anv_paint_tests-bWell, that was my world in high school. Now that I’m making my own paint, to my surprise and disguise, I need Chemistry as well as Mathematics. But I wasn’t good in both. I studied Modern Languages because of that (and because I thought that was the only skill I could use later on in life). But now: how can I make a 40% solution, out of the leftovers from a 50% solution? I had no idea. And I didn’t want to start from scratch again because that means I have to spoil some material. Of course it wasn’t the most logical solution, and I didn’t had any clue how to find the correct one.

Then it crossed my mind: oh, wait a minute… Dee (my husband), studied, uhm, chemistry. And he “bragged” on a family party lately, how good he used to be in mathematics in high school. (He has a completely different career now). So: Dee, help!?

After a long and exhausting working week, ended by 2 hours of traffic horror, coming home and getting a question like this: it’s not always fun, being my husband. Dee told me he was exhausted. That I needed a formula to get the numbers right, but that he was to tired for the moment. I said it was no problem, it could wait.
Then he said that it should be easy to find the solution on the internet, and he started to search. After a while he told me that it is easy for solid substances, but for the liquids (which I need), people are still debating which formula to use. I think half an hour and some scribbling later, he said: “voila, I made you a formula”.


DAMN, I married superman! He says it’s a very simple formula. That he used to make much more complicated formulas. For me, this is magic. I don’t understand it, but I look with admiration at the results on my calculator every time I apply his formula. Maybe I should give him a superhero suit for our 22nd wedding anniversary :-D.

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