Paris: du vin, du pain et … de l’art. Exhibitions Kiefer – Rodin, Shiota, and Baselitz. Impressive!

I had a really nice long weekend in Paris. The weather was fantastic, so were the exhibitions I visited. New paintings from Georg Baselitz in Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac: fabulous! Shiota in Gallerie Templon: magnificent! Kiefer in Musée Rodin: good. Because images say more then words, the summary of a few days Paris in “a few” ;-) pictures. With some explanation.

Kiefer – Rodin in Musée Rodin

Kiefer at Musée RodinThis year, in France, they’re remembering the 100th anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s dead. Therefore there’s a large Rodin exhibition in Le Grand Palais. Musée Rodin themselves, invited Anselm Kiefer to work around “Les cathédrales de France”, a book Rodin has published 100 years ago. Since we’re Kiefer fans, and because Musée Rodin has been on our wish list for a long time, an exhibition not to be missed.

Exhibition Kiefer at Musée Rodin
But to be honest, I didn’t like Kiefer’s ‘watercolor books’. Luckily his monumental works were awesome as always.
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This weekend, Leuven is the place to be!

Because… ? Because that’s where you can see some of my paintings in real life ;-).
At Exhibition space Chadeeni, to be precisely, on Sunday 30/04 & Monday 01/05 between 14 and 18h.
I’ll be there on Sunday between 14-16h.
Open weekend @ Exhibition space Chadeeni = Chadeeni & 4 guest artists
St-Maartenstraat 8, 3000 Leuven

Openweekend Chadeeni 30/04 - 01/05/'17 - Leuven

An Vanderlinden - Eddie Symkens - Chadeeni

Paintings with coal by An Vanderlinden @ Chadeeni, right after installation (the floor will be empty on sunday ;-))

Art Brussels 2017

I had a blast Friday at Art Brussels! I saw a lot of real good artworks, so it was difficult to make a small selection.
Although: I only had my phone with me to take pictures (stupid, stupid, stupid), so a number of photos just failed.
At the bright side: that made this selection more easy :)

Art Brussels 2017 - Pascal Convert @ Galerie Eric Dupont
One of my favourites
Artist: Pascal Convert
Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris

Art Brussels 2017 - Johan Creten @ Almine Rech Gallery
Another artwork I really enjoyed at Art Brussels is this Fallen Angel from Johan Creten
Artist: Johan Creten
Almine Rech Gallery
More work from Johan Creten @ Galerie Transit

Art Brussels 2017 - Pearl Lam Galleries
This is wow…
Artists: Chun Kwang Young a.o.
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New: blog in Flenglish!

Hi there, welcome! I’m blogging since, uhm, 2007. Really, that long. But I only recently started blogging in English, that’s why it’s so quiet in here. I’ll translate once in a while an older article too. My English isn’t perfect, so I welcome you to discover: Flenglish! Flenglish is a very cute language, spoken and written by someone who usually speaks Flemish. I like to think it’s better English then Google translate, but if you feel otherwise: feel free to visit my blog in Flemish (something like Dutch) and let Google get loose on that. Have fun!

PS: feel free to correct my mistakes, I’ll not be trapped on my toes :-D (*) I promise.
(*) I won’t be offended

Black 2.0 is here! #ShareTheBlack

OK, I have to admit, I’ve got it a little bit longer then today :) but it’s only recently in the press (lots of Stuart Semple interviews), and I really didn’t had the time to write.
So it arrived, Black 2.0! Stuart Semple used the feedback he received from artists all over the world to improve his Black 1.0 beta, and came with a better, darker, blacker black.
It’s a pre-mixed bottle this time, and his mail said it’s the most pigmented, flattest, mattest, black acrylic paint in the world.
I did some tests the minute my package arrived: made it from the front door to my studio in 0.5 seconds ;-).

Black 2.0 versus Black 1 beta

No comprehensive report this time, instead I made a little movie about a black rabbit:

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