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Painting rack, and geraniums in winter

It could have been a painting title, but it isn’t. It’s a picture title ;-). For years I’m talking about how I need a proper rack to store my paintings. Now I finally have it.

painting rack

Painting storage, custom made painting rack

Previous, my paintings were stalled in a very small room, difficult to acces. Now I do have a practical space to show them to curators and potential buyers. I found a carpenter willing to do the job on Twizzi. And I’m so happy about it, that for once I don’t mind to do some advertising for free: Gerry from had some real good ideas. Sleepovers, on the other hand, are going to be less content, because our guest bed is now for sale on 2e Helas, one cannot have all in live. But you do can have much ;-).

Schilderijen showroom AnVPaiting room, mirror view AnV

Put Geraniums inside before it starts to freeze outside

One thing a person can have, is geraniums in winter. We take them indoors as soon as it starts to freeze outside. They’re happy in my studio and in the guest / painting room. Blessed to see those cheerful summer flowers, it makes winter so much lighter. Oooh summer <3… I can almost smell you.

Best wishes!

Black / Best wishes for a Brilliant 2018! Have a happy and healthy New Year!

Used paints:
– base/background = regular paint for art (Golden Carbon Black matte Acrylics)
– black = AnV’s blackest coalpaint
– wishes for = Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0
– brilliant 2018 = AnV’s glossy coal

Art Brussels 2017

I had a blast Friday at Art Brussels! I saw a lot of real good artworks, so it was difficult to make a small selection.
Although: I only had my phone with me to take pictures (stupid, stupid, stupid), so a number of photos just failed.
At the bright side: that made this selection more easy :)

Art Brussels 2017 - Pascal Convert @ Galerie Eric Dupont
One of my favourites
Artist: Pascal Convert
Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris

Art Brussels 2017 - Johan Creten @ Almine Rech Gallery
Another artwork I really enjoyed at Art Brussels is this Fallen Angel from Johan Creten
Artist: Johan Creten
Almine Rech Gallery
More work from Johan Creten @ Galerie Transit

Art Brussels 2017 - Pearl Lam Galleries
This is wow…
Artists: Chun Kwang Young a.o.
Pearl Lam Galleries read more

New: blog in Flenglish!

Hi there, welcome! I’m blogging since, uhm, 2007. Really, that long. But I only recently started blogging in English, that’s why it’s so quiet in here. I’ll translate once in a while an older article too. My English isn’t perfect, so I welcome you to discover: Flenglish! Flenglish is a very cute language, spoken and written by someone who usually speaks Flemish. I like to think it’s better English then Google translate, but if you feel otherwise: feel free to visit my blog in Flemish (something like Dutch) and let Google get loose on that. Have fun!

PS: feel free to correct my mistakes, I’ll not be trapped on my toes :-D (*) I promise.
(*) I won’t be offended