Sorry, you don’t have one of my paintings

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It happens almost twice a year: a mail in my inbox that says “I have one of your paintings”. Mostly the writer wants to know what it’s worth… ouch. That kind of mail, is never about a painting, but about a reproduction. In 2006, Aldi Belgium sold numbered en signed reproductions of 2 of my paintings, M3 and D11. I spent a whole week signing these things.

Reproductions are good quality photo prints, not paintings. My original paintings are oil on canvas, and I still have them myself.

photo of the reproductions nexts to the original paintings -

I dived into my archive looking for pictures from that time. Here’s one from the day the repro’s where delivered. My arm hurts spontaneously by seeing these piles.

stapel reproducties in 2006 -

To answer the most common question: that print is not worth much. But it’s not too late to buy one of my real paintings :-).

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