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  • 2016: 'ZWART LICHT' ('BLACK LIGHT') paintings and ceramics - GC De Plak & Bib, Diepenbeek - (dec. 4 - jan '2017) info & pictures on blog (dutch)
  • 2014: 'St.-Barbara' paintings and ceramics
    Kerkje van Laak, Houthalen - pictures
  • 2008: 'Schilderijen' - Kerkje van Laak, Houthalen
  • 1998: 'Ef Collection' - Cercle Artistique Hasseltois, Hasselt
  • 1996: 'D Collection' - Cultural Centre of Zonhoven
  • 1993: UZ Sint-Pieter, Leuven
  • 1993: 'Zwart is niet zwart' - Gemeentehuis, Houthalen
  • 1992: 'Zwart is niet zwart' - Het Magazijn, Hasselt

Group (selection)

  • 2016: 'Saint Barbe', ecomusée de Bois-du-Luc, La louvière invitation (pdf, fr)
  • 'Dwarse stilte. Artikel 27/2016', former SFCollege, Heusden-Zolder. invitation (pdf, nl)
  • 2015: 'Mine-Art Holland', Geleen (NL)
  • 2014:'breuk lijn', (Paul Gees, Sven Verhaeghe, Renato Nicolodi, John Van Oers, An Vanderlinden, Athar Jaber, Eric Vandamme,...) Former Coalmine of Beringen
  • "BLUE", An ode to the blue clothes of the miners, Casino Beringen
  • 'Mine-Art 2', Former Coalmine of Waterschei, Genk.
  • 2012: 'Manifesta 9 Parallel Event MIJN VERLEDEN'
    Manu Vandereycken, An Vanderlinden, Jos Y Seré, St-Jansschool, Genk.
  • 2011: 'De bomen in' 100 jaar Eisden-Tuinwijk, Eisden-Tuinwijk (B)
  • 'Great Expectations', Artikel 27, Heusden-Zolder (B)
  • 2008: Artikel 27, Heusden-Zolder (B)
  • 2007: An Vanderlinden, Tj Miles, Immanuel Klein, Nicholas Stedman, Verner Brems, Tapan Kar. Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg (D)
  • 2007: 'Stilte ...' Paintings from AnV. on occasion of 'Space to Use' - Hasselt Shots, Z33, Hasselt (B)
  • 2006: Artikel 27, Centrum Duurzaam Bouwen, Heusden- Zolder
  • 2005: Art Event, Antwerpen
  • 2003: "Artistiek verweven", Cultureel Centrum, Hasselt (Magda Cuykx, Nina Haveman, An Vanderlinden & deelnemers kunstatelier Tevona)
  • "Overzichtstentoonstelling 30 jaar kunst > campus Gasthuisberg", U.Z. Gasthuisberg, Leuven
  • 1999: "Retrospectieve Kunst in de gang", oud-mijngebouw, Houthalen
  • 1996: "Vijf van bij ons", Museum Jos Tysmans, Houthalen
  • 1995: "Mijn-Tekens", C.C. Maasmechelen.
  • 1994 "De Nederlanden en de Hispanidad", Galeria Sala Stephan, Villajoyosa Allicante, Spanje (ES)
  • Noël Delaplace, Robert De Wispelaere, Pierre Tack, An Vanderlinden, Hendrik Mertens; Den Artiest, Oostende.
  • Miet en An Vanderlinden, U.Z. Gasthuisberg, Leuven.
  • "Limbarte Junior II", Cultuurcentrum Heusden-Zolder.
  • 1991: Selectie Jong Talent "Unisys Belgium"
  • 1990: Académie Royale des Beaux Arts, Brussel.
  • Laureaten Hoger Kunstonderwijs 90/91 (VZW De Gulden Sporen) BBL Kortrijk


On feb. 01 2006, Aldi Belgium sold reproductions of D11 and M3.

D11 - An Vanderlinden M3 - An Vanderlinden


An Vanderlinden

°Koersel (Belgium), 1969

From Houthalen
Lives and works in Hasselt

Master of Fine Arts in Painting
PHIKO Hasselt & NHISK Antwerpen


The colour of a non-colour

"Major changes in this recent work are the use of coal, both as a medium and as an image, and the figure of Saint Barbara who suddenly put in an appearance."

"In this new phase, An Vanderlinden’s oeuvre no longer simply followed the parameters of painting, but saw her visual language expand from the two- to the three-dimensional. In the first place the original two-dimensionality was breached by ‘painting’ with acryl combined with stone dust, giving her work the appearance of material art. Moreover, her canvasses were repeatedly presented in relation to objects: holy water stoups filled with coal and accompanied by a wall plaque with an image of Saint Barbara. Sacred objects all, functioning, because of the materials used, because of their use, and because of the image, as vehicles for both the earthly and the transcendental."

A comparable element of tension is also inherent in coal, which on the one hand is seen as a dirty, dusty material, but on the other hand also contains a material beauty, especially when its kaleidoscopic structures display a scintillating profusion of matt and glistening surfaces. It is above all the light-absorbing characteristic of black that seems to cause the images to fade away to nothingness and give the represented characters an air of introspection."

Dan Holsbeek (2016) read the full text >


"In Vanderlinden's abstract imagery, the idealization of the form touches us; a refined use of colour has replaced the black of the initial phase of her career. Her strength in composition radiates primordial power, artlessly and without technical gimmicks, always seeking the correct tone to translate the aesthetics of the subject for the viewer. The pictorial wealth of her use of colour adds a poetic touch, allowing us to give shape to our own dreams."
F. De Bleser

"An's pictures are dynamic and temperamental. She always uses symbols like crosses and circles. They only emphasize dynamics and temper. Their impact is bewildering. An swears to explicit colours. Black is always there, slightly enlightened by more lucid colours. Blue is her bridge between mystery and mysticism, while deep red and bright yellow excite magic. Her mix of colors is plastical, playful and above all, very striking. The different stresses in colours create a certain atmosphere, that puts An's message through, without obtruding it."
E. Boon


When An started to work with ceramics in 2010, she soon found out that she discovered the right medium to work with an issue that is close to her heart once again: (the closing of) the coalmines in Limburg, Belgium. In the beginning of the nineties, she painted a number of black paintings, closely related to the spirit of the time and to the closing of the coalmines. Her paintings evolved, the importance of the coalmines remained.
The woman on her ceramics is Saint Barbara, Patron saint of the miners. The number on the mining lamp she's holding, is the number An's father had when he worked in the coal mine of Houthalen (Limburg, Belgium).
'St. Barbara's relief' is a series of stop-motion images in ceramic, made on occasion of Manifesta 9, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Genk, 2012.